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Welcome, my name is A.J. Phoenix and this is my portfolio site. I am a musician turned programmer looking to help creatives and businesses with all of their web development needs. With my unique experiences in both business and as a creative, allow me to take your web presence to the next level.

My Skills

Additional Skills

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bootstrap, Jquery, AJAX and Angular
  • Training
  • Management and Team Building
  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Production

About Me

I am a programmer with over 2 years experience in HTML, CSS, Wordpress and Javascript. I started as a part time web developer in 2016 with thekidswearcrowns.com where I oversaw content editing as well as the upkeep and layout of the site. I began a Fullstack web developer program with CareerFoundry in September of 2018 in order to pursue a fulltime career in programming. There I learned more structured programming skills. I built this portfolio website using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap. In addition to this site, I am also building an eCommerce web app using Ruby on Rails. I have also built a calculator and tictactoe game using Javascript.

My Work

Below you will find samples of my work using the skills listed above. I built a working calulator and tic tac toe game using Javascript logic. Did the CSS and minor HTML for a blog and built a web app using HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, AJAX and other languages. The app features the ability to authenticate users, pay with stripe and live comment broadcasting with AJAX.


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Frequently Asked Questions

My design process is different depending on the client and the project. Every build is different and every client has different needs. The main thing in common is bringing their vision to life.
My clients are anyone with a need for web development/design. I typically target other creators who have a need to bring their talents to the internet, but I will work with anyone.
Project turnaround time depends on the complexity of the desired project. Anywhere from 2-8 weeks. These are more accurate once I know what exactly a client is looking for.